Remember Me

Remember Me

Sunday, March 8, 2015

March 8, 1915. Charley's 21st letter home from France. WW1

March 8th, 1915 France
Dear Mother

Have been on sick list today. Yesterday I went out and played a game of Baseball, as you know I have not played ball since I played in Saskatoon in Rosetown. So you can imagine how I feel today.
Tell Dad I received his 
interesting letter also one from V-V, she also told me about the trouble you are having with the cooks. Ha ha!
I can imagine you firing them. The way you used to do in Dauffin.

Say Mother tell me is there anything wrong in the Richmond family. Do not say any thing to anyone other than Dad but I hear from them once and a while and judging from some of their letters I came to the conclusion that they are scared that Rachie is a little weak minded at times. “Remember say nothing.”

Things here are just about the same only there has been no wounded coming in lately as there has been no fighting of any account.

Tomorrow evening the boys are giving a concert to the patients and have invited the sisters and officers. I told you before that we have accommodation for two extra hundred patients in tents.

I was in to Paris (Plaza) the other day and intended getting a few views of the place to send to you but as usual I forgot and came back without them.

Well Mother remember me to Dad and VV and sincerely hope this finds you in good health and spirit.

Lovingly, Chas

March 8th 1915 Letter Pg 1 from the Charley Bailey Collection
March 8th 1915 Letter Pg 2 from the Charley Bailey Collection

March 8th 1915 Letter Pg 3 from the Charley Bailey Collection
Rachel Howie was Jennie’s older sister by two years. Born in 1870 in High Bluff Manitoba, Rachie married James Richmond in 1886. Children: Harry Richmond b:1888, Annie Spence Richmond b:1890, Ruby Richmond b: 1894 and Ina Richmond b: 1894 Aunt Rachie’s children were Charley's & V-V’s cousins and friends.

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