Remember Me

Remember Me

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Letter #85, November 11th, 1918

November 11th, 1918

Dear Mother
Just received your letter and VV’s note.  We are settled again and things are coming on as well as can be expected.  Well Mother what do you think of the news.  By Jove the boys are sure in great spirits lately.  Things are surely looking good.  But now that when we have got them where they once had us, I would certainly like to see them get what they gave us in 1914.  The Bosh is a squealer when he is beat but darn little he ever thinks of justice when he is winning.  Anyway, things are fine and the fellows are in as good spirit as the day we first landed in France.

          Since I started this letter, Mother, I hear that the Armistice has been signed.  Gee Mother can you realize it.  Just imagine back home and into civilian clothes again.  Really you know I can’t believe it.  It is just too good to be true.

          Well, Mother cold weather is setting in again, but we are all so tickled with the war news that we don’t give a darn if it was forty below zero.  The French towns we passed on our way up were all flags and the people were nearly crazy with delight.  Oh Lord, but it did look good.  Never mind Mother we shall all be together before long as I think I am on the first list to go home.  Of course, I don’t know for sure but that’s the general opinion of the fellows.

          Now ask that Richmond crowd what they did in the great war.  How are Dad and the kid keeping?  In VV’s note, she was saying that Dad was not altogether himself just lately.  I hope he is himself before I come because I want to see him looking good.  I suppose VV will be looking forward to seeing her new sister in law.  Ha Ha Joke. No. Four. 
Tell her for me Mother that I shall bring the family along with me. I mean all the little Baileys. I want to teach them all about pigs and I am convinced she is all expert on that subject.
          Well, Mother, I must close forgive me for not writing just lately as we have been on the move.  Remembrance to Dad and the kid.  I’ll close Mother with