Remember Me

Remember Me

Sunday, May 14, 2017

May 13, 1917 Letter #58 To his sister; Vida Valerie

May 13, 1917
Granville Can Host
Ramsgate, Kent

Dear Sister,
Apparently you have taken a great interest in agricultural work. Well you had better learn enough for the two of us because I can’t tell a pig from an onion when it comes to farming.

The Summer of 1917 CALGARY, ALBERTA Canada
"1917 07 29 homesteading /

I just came back off leave and believe me I sure had a dandy time I went to visit my friends in Buxton by the way they are in the Hotel business and it was simply a heaven to be free for a few days. It's fine to lie in bed and have your coffee brought to you etc quite different from military life and they sure treated me fine. We went motoring a couple of times away out to Rudyard Lake there was a party of six of us and I enjoyed myself a great deal better than I have ever done since I joined the army. You see I was a kind of an honored guest the reasons I may tell you some time later.

Say V-V you don’t need to give all those people my address. I don’t want them looking me up when they first come over here. They kind of look for people to show them around, well let them learn for themselves. I had to, and more over all the friends I have in Winnipeg had either cold feet or something before they enlisted in the ninety ninth contingent so let them get their own experiences and not ours.

Tell Mother I heard she was all swelled out in a new gray suit and has become quite a sport in her old age. Never mind, I am glad she has a last been convinced she is well enough off to afford a new dress. I tell you her son does not look on things the way his mother does. I get the swell rags and let the others do the worrying as to where the cash is to come from.

Well V-V you will soon be writing your final. I sincerely hope you luck but if by misfortune you do fail for goodness sake go back at it again don’t let them convince you to go into a store or anything like that. I know Dad will do anything in the world to help you in an educational line so finish at all costs.

Well kid it is getting late so remember me to Dad and mother and drop me another line shortly