Remember Me

Remember Me

Monday, February 23, 2015

February 23rd, 1915. Charley's 20th letter home from France. WW1

Feb 23, 1915

Dear Mother

Have not received any word from you for some time I guess that some of these days I will get a lot together. Well things around here are just about the same as usual. We received some Canadian wounded the other day. Mostly Pat’s troops, a couple from Winnipeg. I was talking to one and he said that the Winnipeg bunch have come out the best of it so far.

Say Mother I was talking to one of the nurses last night and found out she came from Portage and knows the Richmond girls. It seems all right when you meet people from your own town away out here and especially when they know nearly all your own friends.

The weather here has been good the past few days so you may expect heavy fighting. One of the wounded officers told me coming up in the Motor Ambulance that the war would be over in August “Let us hope he is right.” 

Motor Ambulance.  Photo:
Had a letter from V-V the other day she seems to be getting on fine at school. She was telling me about some of their functions and I can imagine how she would enjoy them, as I know how I did. Did she tell you of her initiation? Gee when they got me I was very nearly killed.

Dad mentioned in his letter about business being slow. I think that Canada will see the best times it has ever saw as soon as this war is over. In France business is not slow there is absolutely no business. The last time I was in Paris Plaza I was talking to a couple of Belgium refugees and by what they said it will surprise me if there will be enough buildings in Belgium to keep them under shelter after this is over.

Well Mother this is only a note to let you know my mustache is getting longer I am getting fatter etc. So I will draw to a close answer soon and often. Remembrance to Dad and V-V.



The other side of the story that wasn't shared with the folks back home from The WW1 service files of Charles Roy Bailey. Canadian Expeditionary Force. #34260 

Feb 22nd, 1915 Breaking out of Barracks, Out of Bounds fined $3 & ten days Confined to Barracks

Feb 24th, 1915  Disobey Order, Drunk, Breaking out of Guard Room, Out of bounds, fined $6 and 20 days confined to Barracks

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