Remember Me

Remember Me

Friday, March 13, 2015

March 13 1915, Charley's 22nd letter home from France. WW1

March 13th, 1915

Dear Sister

          Just received Mothers letter with yours enclosed and needless to say I was very glad to hear that you won the Silver medal at the Lit.  Let me ask you if that was just a Lit for the girls or for all the College.  When I went to Brandon College there was just one Lit for the whole College and it was held on Friday evenings.
          Say V-V has the Arts held their usual Annual Banquet.  If there are any old students of 1910 ask them if they remember the Arts Banquet of that year.  There were a few of us fellows waiting on table during the time that they were making speeches I went upstairs to Clark Hall and got Isabel Drummond who was in charge to wake up some of the girls and come down to the servants Dining Room where we had a banquet of our own.
          Miss Whiteside was the Matron there.  We were all reported and poor Isabel was not allowed outside of the Building for six weeks.  Ask Jack (Evans) if he remembers the time.  He was in First year arts then.
          Well V-V lately there has been a terrible lot of wounded coming in.  We have had two trainloads in the last two days.  Among them Princess Pats and some of the 90th from Winnipeg.   It seems all the harder when you find men that you knew at home with a bullet in them, away out in this country.
          Around this neighbourhood there are three large Hospitals and we have had the least deaths of any of them.  So you see we have some very clever surgeons here.
          Well sister it makes letter writing very difficult when you can not say anything in your letters in regard to the movement of our troops etc.  So I will come to a close Remember me to your little roommate that wrote to Mother and write soon.  Every success in all your studies and exams.


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