Remember Me

Remember Me

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

April 25th, 1917 Letter #57 "Lots of Dauphin boys out of action in last six months"

April 25th, 1917 postmark

Granville Can Host
Ramsgate, Kent

Dear Mother

Have a few moments to spare so am taking the chance to drop a few lines. As yet I have heard nothing more about going back to France and they are opening up another hospital here so goodness only knows if I will have to go or not and if it comes to the point I don’t think I care very much. I am very nearly fed up with this country.

The officer that was my OC in Southampton just died in this hospital a few days ago and all his family are here. I was out yesterday afternoon with the son and poor fellow, he is taking it pretty bad. This new hospital that is to be opened here is for officers only and is going to accommodate about 400 so it sure will be some fine place when finished. 

You never told me if you had heard anything more about the Bailey money how much or who left it or what happened or anything about it.  Personally I think they were trying to kid the troops.

Things here are starting to show some signs of life now that the weather is opening up a little it sure has been one awful winter cold and miserable and a damp atmosphere that very nearly goes through you. I sincerely believe that an English man can stand any climate on this earth.

I was up to the Roller Rink the other day and needless to say I am still as stiff as a board. But I sure had some fun.

Say what kind of a joint is that Le Claire anyway what kind of furniture etc and has anyone stung you for any more money. I suppose VV will be soon writing off her exams for a teacher. Do you know it just seems like about a year ago that she started to Dauphin school. There is sure a lot of the Dauphin fellows put out of action the last six months over here.

So Dad has put on 20 lbs since going to Wpg, well that’s worth a lot even if you were only clearing expenses. Looks like we are going to be a darn porky family in a year or so, I am getting stouter every day.  The tunic I wore down here will not even button around my waist. And my weight on Saturday was one hundred and sixty-six lbs that is just eleven lbs more than I ever weighed in all my life. Well Mother remember me to Dad and VV and write soon

Love Chas 34260

The LaClaire Hotel ~ A little history from the Winnipeg Free Press

"Arguably the 44-room hotel's most famous guest was Charlie Chaplin, who stayed there as many as five times between 1911 and 1913. In those days it was called the La Claire after having been opened as a boarding house in 1903.

In 1913 Chaplin, then a vaudeville performer, used La Claire stationery to write a letter to his brother saying he was about to sign his first movie contract."

"The Windsor Hotel originally opened as a boarding house. Charles H. Forrester took out a building permit for what is now The Windsor in September 1903, says Penner. It became LeClaire Hall in 1910. Ownership changed over the years.

The building remains much the same as it was in its early days, with 44 rooms occupied by temporary and more permanent residents. Some have lived there for many years, says Penner. There is also a restaurant and beverage room. Although some renovations have been done over the years, the largest in most recent history was the expansion of the beverage room to a capacity of 192 (up from 100). That was done to accommodate a growing audience for blues performers.

At the time of Chaplin's stay, the beverage room was a prestigious gentlemen's club with high-back wicker chairs and large oak tables. It was advertised as a "five-minute walk from anywhere (in the city) you wanted to go."  
Windsor Hotel (September 2015) Originally the LaClaire
Source: Gordon Goldsborough 

Thursday, April 20, 2017

April 20th, 1917 Letter #56 ~ arrival of The Stars and Stripes

April 20th 1917 postmark

Granville Can Hospital
Ramsgate, Kent

Dear Mother

Well I have heard some funny ones but Mother you take the cake gee I laughed when I read your letter about accusing me of not knowing how to spell my own name. Baily is only written in a hurry and there is supposed to be an e in it. However don’t worry if there is any money in sight I will put one hundred and four E’s in it, if it will get me anything.

Yes I had some money put through to the Bank of Montreal last fall but it is nothing to speak of. I am watching things pretty close and if anything is coming my way you can rely upon Charles R getting all he can out of it.

It is still cold over here yet and at Buxton they have big drifts of snow yet just imagine such a thing in this country in the middle of April. By the way a few years ago this 29th of April Annie heard a kid crying and on closer examination found it to be Vida Valeria, by Jove, I can't spell her name is that right or wrong. However tell her that her big brother wishes her the very best of Birthday greetings etc.

Well what do you think of the panhandlers coming into the war, London has gone mad over it and the Stars and Stripes are to be seen almost everywhere. If they come over here they had better keep them away from the Canuks. It was fighting every night when the Australians were near us, but good heavens what will it be if the yanks get alongside of us.

Well Mother it is getting late so I had better come to an end. I tell you mother if ever you are up town and you feel like spending a couple of shillings you can send me a few Murads. Remember me to Dad and VV

Love Chas