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Remember Me

Friday, January 9, 2015

January 9th, 1915 Charley's 14th letter home from France

January 9th, 1915 written by Charley to his Mother in Saskatchewan 
Letter # 14 of 88

Jan 9 1915 (written as 1914)  France
Dear Mother.
This is my second letter to you since I received one from you.  Had word from E. Perrin in Montreal the other day he mentioned he was going to be married on New Years Day. But he did not say what his intentions were afterwards.

from mental floss          Rc'd a parcel from Aunt Rach yesterday and rc'd yours just after New Years and you could not of sent anything better.  I gave the cigars to some of the boys and were considered quite a treat.  You know the French tobacco is much different to ours and a good American or Canadian smoke tastes fine.

          It has been raining here the last few days you see it is just in the heart of the rainy season now. At present everything is about the same as usual around here. Patients coming in and going out every little while.  The Hospital has a good name for itself around here and I guess it is nothing more than it deserves, as so far we have been quite fortunate with nearly every case.  The officers are very clever medical men and have proved it so far. 

Well Mother how do you like the Prairies in wintertime in comparison to Victoria, I guess you will feel the changes.  That picture V-V was quite natural and by the expression on her face she seems to be enjoying the fun.  That Nail Driving contest is a new one since I left the College.  Just as soon as the Canadians go into action we will be filled with Canadians in place of English but it does not matter I guess as long as who ever the Hospital has, does well.

          There is a golf link just behind our quarters and some times some of us play a round or two and I tell you it is not such a sissy game as it looks.  I have often made fun of the Chapies game but since I played I have changed my opinion.  Gee wouldn’t my friends in Winnipeg laugh if they heard of me ever playing golf.        

          What kind of a time did VV have at home for her holiday ~ I guess she would enjoy a holiday after four months studying.  Does Pa still like his new business or does the poor times effect it much.  Well Mother I cannot for the life of me tell you anything that will interest you.  You know all letters must be censored but if I can I will have my picture taken in my uniform and send it to you.  Remember me to Pa and write often


*Jan 4th, 1915  Improperly dressed, absent without leave ~ 7 days confined to barracks

Cnd Tobacco image from
*WW1 service files of Charles Roy Bailey Canadian Expeditionary Force  #34260  (Files can consist of up to two or three dozen forms, dealing with enlistment, training, medical and dental history, hospitalization, discipline, pay, medal entitlements and discharge or notification of death.)

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