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Remember Me

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

1915, Charley Bailey's Letters Home

©  Nicola Perrin-FinchCharley volunteered in August 1914 as a Private with the Canadian Expeditionary Forces.  

He arrived in France in November (among the first of the Canadians) and commenced his work as Medical Dispenser at the #2 Stationary Hospital at Le Touquet. 

1915 will be the first full year of World War One.  Charley just turned 22.


The 1915 calendar tells me what day it was 100 years ago, and tells us what days Charley wrote these letters home.  I've marked them on the calendar. 

I am certain I do not have every letter he wrote home (he mentions writing at least twice a week).  

I have a total of 88 letters spanning the years 1914 to 1919. These were lovingly saved by his sister (and my grandma) Vida Valerie.  

When Charley wrote to his mother, she would then forward the letters on to VV at college.  It's a wonder that any still exist. 

And so the story goes ...

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