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Remember Me

Saturday, January 3, 2015

January 3rd, 1915, The WW1 letters home of CR Bailey

Charley has just turned 22. New Years Eve has come and gone and the idea of this war being over by Christmas has faded into the dim distance.
This is Letter #13, January 3rd, 1915 from Private Charley Bailey to his Mother

Jan 3 1915 (though Charley has written 1914)
Dear Mother
I cannot understand for the life of me why you are not getting my letters, as I try to be very careful as to what I say and try not to mention any war news. There never a week passes that I don’t write a couple of letters to you.
On my birthday I received a very nice little signature ring from Winnipeg. But that is all the parcel I have yet received. So you see I do not get all that is sent to me either.
The weather here is very wet just now and you know damp weather goes harder with Canadians than real good cold snaps. Our quarters here are very comfortable and we consider ourselves very lucky in comparison to some of the troops, especially those that have to sleep in tents.
In your letters you never tell me anything about the new business. Tell Pa to write me and tell me how it is etc.
There were a couple of hundred more wounded came in the other day. The poor fellows were covered with mud and looked pretty bad still they were in better spirit than you could expect. It is surprising what a good spirit the English have as soon as they are fit for duty back they go to get a few more Germans and they sure do and just wait till Kitchener's big army gets over here. If they don’t make a showing wit will be the surprise of my life.
The villages in this vicinity are very pretty, but seem very old fashioned to us. The people of France look upon the British Soldiers with great favor and are very generous to us.
How did V-V make out in her exams. In her letter she led me to believe that she liked the college and the work was easy. I sincerely hope so.
We had some more English ambulances attached to us and the men are very nice. All our men are from Eastern Canada with one exception who is from Calgary. I expect to see Jim Ross over here soon, It will be a great change in life for him as he is with the Calvary and their work is all with horses and guns. Well Mother I have to stop as there is absolutely nothing to talk about. Hoping this finds you and father in good health and spirit
Love Chas

Jan 1, 1915  Absent Roll Call ~ docked 1 days pay  Le Touquet *


*WW1 service files of Charles Roy Bailey Canadian Expeditionary Force  #34260  Files can consist of up to two or three dozen forms, dealing with enlistment, training, medical and dental history, hospitalization, discipline, pay, medal entitlements and discharge or notification of death.

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