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Remember Me

Monday, December 29, 2014

Charley's 22nd Birthday

Happy 22nd Birthday Charley Bailey.  

Charley was born in Portage La Prairie, Manitoba to Jennie Howie and Charles Bailey Sr. on December 29th, 1892
He was the first and only child born to Jennie and Charles. 
The young family has set up house in High Bluff, Manitoba.
Sadly, before Charley was even a month old, his dad (who was just 30 years old) was killed in an accident while chopping wood in 30 below weather just outside of High Bluff.  

A Winnipeg Free Press newspaper article from January 26th 1893 mentions the death. It's titled "Portage Paragraphs" with the catchy byline 
"Snow-show Tramp and Entertainment, Wedding Bells, Sudden Death"    "The unexpected death of Mr Charles Bailey, of High Bluff, on Tuesday is regretted by his many friends here and sorrowing Friends have the sympathy of the townspeople." 

It might have been a blue day for Charley in 1914 when his birthday came and went without celebration or hugs from the people he loved. No doubt they missed him terribly too.

Through the portal of time Charley; Happy Birthday and much love!

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