Remember Me

Remember Me

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

January 22nd, 1915. Charley's 16th letter home from France.

January 22, 1915


Hello Mother

Just received V-V’s letter laughing at my upper lip, well if you could see it, you would laugh till you were sore.  It is perfectly white and as stiff as pigs bristle and it bothers me like anything.

           V-V sure writes some letter that is by far the biggest I have ever got and believe me she does not believe in wasting paper.  The hospital has been filled several times but as yet there have not been any Canadians.  Very lucky.  I suppose you heard about Princess Pat’s outfit making such a brilliant bayonet charge. 
January 1915 Princess Pats at rest.

Well if the others don’t do equal as well it will fool me, and I have seen all of the men in the first contingent.  The weather here is still very damp and wet.  I got pains in my lungs a few days ago so they put me in the Hospital but I am out now and feeling fine.  Seems funny to be in a Hospital in France and have a Winnipeg nurse waiting on you.  She was in that Hospital (1) on Sherbrook Street.

          It was reported around here that there were bombs dropped in the village near here.  How true it is I cannot tell you.  At present the Germans are playing havoc in Air raids of course you read all about those in the papers.

          The medical depot has drafted ten more men on to us. One of them used to be an officer in the Belgium Army but he is only a Private in this.  Very nice fellow to talk to.  

VV was asking for a picture, well the first opportunity I have of getting one I will send it to you.   Today three of us had our picture taken in (see note below _______)  If I can get one I will send it to you.

          Say mother I wish you would write to Mr. Scammell (2) on the corner of Edmonton and Portage and just ask him if my Coon Coat will be all right there and if there is any more storage to pay on it.  If it is all right then I can leave it there till I come back. 

          Had another letter from Lavinia she writes a very nice letter but why Dad don’t drop a fellow a line occasionally I don’t understand.  Tell him that I would like very much to hear from him if it is only a note.    The letter he wrote to me in Salisbury Plain I have yet, as there is one little phrase in it that makes me laugh every time I look at it. 

          Had another round of golf the other day and like the game better every time I play it.  Ina’s letter was saying that the day Ruby left, Aunt Rachie sat down and cried for two days after wards.  Gee she must of hated to see her leave.  Ruby was such a hand for staying home and you can bet your life that Ernie has his hands full for the next few weeks.

          Well Mother there is no news around here only the same old routine every day.  So remember me to Pa and the Kid and write often. Love Chas

Dear readers of Charley Bailey. I need your help. There are two words in this letter that I cannot make out which I've outlined below with a blue square ~ Charley is talking about having his picture taken with two other lads.
He writes " Today, three of us had our picture taken in __ ____, if I can get one I will send it to you."
I have only three photographs of Charley and would love to find more so any clues to where and when a photo was taken of him is really important to me. Thanks, Nicola.  I've posted my question on Charley's Facebook page too.  Any ideas?

(1) CONVALESCENT HOME, for the Women's Hospital Aid Society, Elgin Avenue near Sherbrooke Street, 1910

(2)  Mr Scammell was a well known Winnipeg furrier. 

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