Remember Me

Remember Me

Friday, January 30, 2015

January 30, 1915 Charley's 17th letter home from France. WW1

from the book "First Canadians in France" 1917

Jan 30 1915



Dear Mother

Received your letter today and needless to say I was glad to hear from you.  Had a letter from Ernie Perrin the other day and I answered him and maybe you think I did not kid him. Gee when Ruby reads the letter she won’t be a thing but sore at me.  Where did they spend their honeymoon?  It will sure be lonesome for the poor girl being so far away from all the rest of them.

We had another train load of wounded; among them were eleven German soldiers. They were good intelligent looking men, but they were so downhearted that one could not help feeling sorry for the poor fellows. One of them told me, he did not want to fight the English, but if he did not, his officers would shoot him and it was sure a luxury for them to get good food and a good bed.

I have some picture post cards of two or here of us in a group and if the authority will let them go threw I will send you a couple.  Say Mother did you get my fur coat from Mr Scammel or is it still in the Storage.  Next letter let me know so I can drop him a line to instruct him as to what he will do with it. 
It is quite an ordinary sight for me to see aeroplanes now.  Most ever day there is one goes over here.  The weather is not so cold now but it is still damp.  It is rumoured that we are going to get a few days leave of absence if it is true, and I can get away, I will see Paris and some other important towns of France.

If it is not to much trouble to you would it be possible to send me out a Winnipeg paper once in awhile as those that write to me from there never tell me anything of the doings around town.  I am very glad to hear that V.V. likes the College so well, and it is sure that if she makes such good marks in the monthly exams, she will sure come out all right in her finals at midsummer.

Well Mother it is very near time for me to start work so remember me to Dad and VV and don’t forget to write often.

With Love

© Nicola Perrin Finch

© Nicola Perrin Finch

©Nicola Perrin Finch

Nicola Perrin Finch ©
The illustration of German Wounded arriving at Hospital is from the book "First Canadians in France" by By F. McKelvey Bell.  Copyright 1917

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