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Monday, December 15, 2014

Letter #10 December 15th 1914, from No. 2 Stationary Hospital in Le Touquet, France

Letter #10 December 15th, 1914 from Charley to his Dad.  One of only two letters in the collection written to his Father.  From No. 2 Stationary Hospital in Le Touquet, France

Dec 15, 1914

Dear Dad
It is quite awhile since I have heard from you but if anything was wrong I guess mother would let me no.  Things are just about the same here as yet only a few Canadian troops are over and it is hard to say when the rest will be here.  There are 80 patients going out of the Hospital in a day or so, so you so wee are doing some good work anyways.
          For the last few days it has been raining nevertheless it is much better than snow.  Talking to the patients and they sure have some experiences but by letter I can not tell you them as it is forbidden.  They all seem to think that the war will be over some time this coming spring as the Germans are loosing with great loss.  

         In France the other day three women spies were caught giving news to the Germans.  Needless to mention what end they came to.  Nearly all business places are run by women here as all the men available are at the front.  The biggest part of France is under English military law run by military police.
          Yesterday we were issued with a lot of cigarettes and tobacco in each package was a post card with the senders name and address on it.  So it enables one to return the card to it’s sender thanking them for it.
          V-V will be back for her holidays before you get this and I hope she made out well in her exams.  I was very glad to hear she got first place in the monthly exams last month, as it is quite an honor to do that at College.
          Well Dad it makes it very hard to write an interesting letter as there are so many things I cannot tell you.  So I will get to work.  Hoping you and Mother are in good health and spirit.  Remember me to V-V when you write her and don’t forget to write yourself.
No 2 Stationary Hospital
First Can Exped Force

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