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Remember Me

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Letter #9 December 9th, 1914 from France (Le Touquet No 2 Stationary Hospital)

No. 2 Stationary Hospital in Le Touquet, France 1914

The Canadian unit named each of the hospital’s wards after Canadian provinces and the tents were named after major Canadian cities.

This is Letter # 9, December 9th 1914 From Charles Roy Bailey at the No 2 Stationary Hospital in France, to his Mother; Jennie Lloyd in Viceroy Saskatchewan.

Dec 9, 1914 France
Dear Mother

Received yours and VV’s letter today and I was very glad to get both. You were asking questions in them and some of them I cannot answer. The weather here is just like you have in Canada in September we go around in shirtsleeves and never even feel cold.

I had a letter today from Hess saying that she had cabled me to Salisbury Plains telling me that my letter had gone to the 10th Battalion and I did not even get the cable. You see we did not wait for the Canadians, as we were the first to leave for the front.

The Allies at present are making good progress. There was a Aero plane went over us today it was impossible to tell if it was English or not. However I think it was as it was flying very low. I heard from Ina the other day and by the way she wrote I thought that you must of thought I was dead. Well don’t fear. I am all right and just as safe as if I was home.

Was very glad to hear that Dad was feeling well, business was well. To see some of the businessmen of France it would make you laugh of course some of them are very clever but it seems as if nearly all the smaller businesses are carried on by elderly women, Hotels included. I hear that Bud is still going with Ina. What does Aunt Rachie say to that? I guess she still has no use for him, as he was too much of a sport to suit her. But I tell you Mother he is a better fellow and has a higher principal than some that she thinks OK. Say I have asked you to tell me something about the people in Viceroy. The young people, or are there any.

Well mother I will write often now that we have the hospital on running bases. This is the address that will find me quicker than any. Remembrance to Dad and VV when you write her

Bye Bye

No 2 Stationary Hospital,
First Can Exped Force


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