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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Letter #11 December 18th, 1914 From Charley in France to his family in Canada

Letter #11 December 18th, written by Charley (stationed at the #2 Stationary Hosptial in France) to his Mom and Dad and younger sister just before Christmas 1914

December 18 1914

Dear Mother
          Being so late in the month it is impossible to reach you by time to wish you a merry Christmas but I can hope you have a Bright and prosperous New Year.  Hess said in his letter yesterday that she had sent me a ring for a present.  Well I hope you did not do anything so foolish as they may never reach here.
          Say mother I would like to send you my picture now.  It is in the army regulation that every body has to grow a moustache and you should see mine.  It is good and thick but the infernal thing is almost red where it was first coming on. It was the funniest feeling thing I ever had and bothered me awful.
          Things in general around here are just about the same.  Every little while there are patients coming in and going out.  The weather is getting damper just now as it is in the middle of the rainy season.
          Has Viceroy got a skating rink and a hockey team I think I will start in to Hockey when I go back.  There is no games or anything in the line of sport here as all the young men are fighting as well as old men. 
          At present the allies are doing nothing but what you will know long before this reaches you.  Had a letter from Aunt Rachie and she tells me things are pretty slow in Portage if they are worse than they were last summer they must be awful.  It is reported here that Canada is sending 25000 more men over the first of the year.  If things keeping coming the way they have been I can’t see the war will last very much longer “ Let us hope not,” A person just reading the papers cant imagine the amount of lives that this war is costing.
          Well Mother do you remember me saying that some day I would see Paris and London I guess I was about right.  I only wish that you and Pa and VV were all to live here for the winter months as it has Victoria all beat to pieces.       
          All the operations that our officers have performed so far have been successful I guess that is doing well for a Hospital this size and especially a military one.
          We have fourteen of those big motor ambulances with us.  They were supplied by the British Red Cross Society “How is that”.
          Be sure and tell me how VV made out in her exams at Christmas.  I guess they will be pretty stiff as a general rule they are almost as hard as the midsummer ones.
          Well Mother it is terribly hard to write a letter of interest, as we never get anywhere now that we are stationed.
Remember me to Pa and VV when you write

Meanwhile back in Canada life goes on ...

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