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Remember Me

Saturday, July 29, 2017

July 25, 1917 Letter #60 "The price of things..."

July 25th, 1917 postmark

CMAC Depot
Kent England

Dear Mother
          Recd your letter a day or two ago and I am under the impression that there is a lot of my mail gone astray as that was the first since I received VV’s letter.  Things in general are just the same as usual I don’t know just what they are going to do with me but expect to have a few days leave shortly and that will help some.
          You say Ireland got very mad at Ina when you were over there well for the Lords sake Mother don’t you get mixed up in any of their troubles, let them fight it out amongst themselves.  Apparently he must have changed a great deal because when I knew him it was very hard to get him mad, might have been because he knew it wouldn’t do hem a great deal of good if he did get sore.  Had a letter from Hess the other day but she didn’t say if they are getting on well or not.  You know Mother she is another on that’s darn queer at times however it don’t make any difference to me so I should worry.
          Ther has been a lot of men come in from various hospitals all fit and ready for France at a minutes notice.  This last draft just over from Canada seem to be fine big men very funny thing they were not in the army three years ago.  It makes them feel as if they wish they had of joined a year or so earlier when they get among some of the old timers.  Oh well they are better late than never.
          I am very anxious to hear how VV made out in her exams.  Gee I hope she got along OK.  I know Dad wouldn’t want her to go out teaching but I think the sooner she gets a smash at some of these country schools the sooner she will have a decent place in town.  So if she can get an appointment this fall why not let her have it I believe that in Canada in a few years teachers are going to draw a fair salary.
          You were saying the price of things have gone up terrible well Mother you should see the prices here and compare them with the peacetime prices, by Jove it's fierce.  How some of the poorer classes make a living I don’t know.
          Well Mother this is just to say I am OK and still in the land of the living.  Remember me to Dad and VV and write soon.
Love Chas

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