Remember Me

Remember Me

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Early June 1917, Letter #59 Folkestone bombing

Written between June 10th and June 18 1917

Granville Can Host
Ramsgate, Kent

Dear Mother
Just got back off a few days leave and I sure enjoyed myself it is like starting all over again to come back to military life after being like a civilian for a few days.  I suppose you have heard of the air raid on Folkstone and seventy-six killed* mostly women and children. Seems to me that the Huns are getting desperate now and are doing anything possible in order to gain their ends.
    Les Newman left today for a medical board he does not know what he will get but expects to have a week or so sick leave.  He is the only Portage boy that I have saw for a long while.

    Say Mother I have never heard anything yet about that money that is suppose to be coming to me do you really think there is anything in it or is it all a false rumour.  I am going to write to Mrs. Richmond again and ask her if she has found out anything more about it. Seems very funny to me if there is really any coming that the solicitors have not informed me before this.
    Everything is in full swing here and the weather is ideal and people are coing in form all parts for there holidays.  The beach and promenades are crowded every afternoon and evening and everything is quite lively.
    There are a few Canadian marines here a few days ago and they sure uphold the Canadians name of being free and easy the majority of them were fellows from Nova Scotia and the eastern provinces fine big men but they sure believe in having a high old time.

    You never say anything about how the business is getting on and if it is as good a paying proposition as you expected.  Tell me just where is Dewalts new drug store and if the Clarendon has been remodeled since the new man has taken it over.

    Well Mother this is pay day and the parade falls in in a few minutes and of course this is one time in the month that CRB is on time So remember me to Dad and VV and answer soon.
Love Chas
Did I tell you last letter I am back on regular pay again.  Feels kind of funny to go down and draw a soldiers pay.

* Charley addresses the Folkstone raid of May 25th 1917 while the June 13th London bombing would just have happened as well.

"June 13 is the anniversary of the first daylight bombing of London in 1917, by German Gothas. Fourteen of the huge planes took off from their base in Belgium and dropped bombs on Britain’s capital city.They killed 162 people and injured 432 others. Among the dead were 16 little children killed by a bomb falling on a primary school. Most of the children were under 5 years old."  Read more at World War 1 Historical Association 

"The 100th anniversary of Britain's first air raid in the First World War, which killed 97 people in Kent, was commemorated at a special memorial service May 25, 2017.
German bomber aircraft attacked the south east on May 25, 1917, claiming the lives of 94 people in Folkestone, while two died in Hythe and there was one fatality in Ashford.At 6.22pm, a single 55lb bomb fell on a queue outside Stokes Brothers greengrocers in Tontine Street, destroying the shop and wiping out several families.That single strike alone killed 61 people and many of the casualties were women and children – the raid is regarded as the greatest civilian loss of life outside London during WWI."
Read more ​about Britain's first air raid in WWI – remembering the 97 people killed in Kent.

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