Remember Me

Remember Me

Thursday, October 22, 2015

1915, October 22nd. WW1. Charley's 31st letter home from the Front.

October 22nd, 1915
Letterhead from “The Salvation Army Soldiers’ Rest”
Envelope: Disabled Service War Seal 1914-15

Dear Mother
            Have not written you during the time I have been in Hospital because I thought you would think me more serious than I really was.  I was invalided to England about the first of the month suffering from gastritis and have been in a Hospital at Canterbury till yesterday but am now at the Canadian Base in Shorncliffe.  I am able to get around allright but not just quite fit.
          As yet I don’t know what they are going to do with me but I think I will be sent on another draft somewhere.  As yet I can’t say where.
          It is quite a treat to be among English speaking people again after so long among those French.  It really seems too good to last.  Do you like farming as well now or not.  The winter months will be the worst when there is nothing to do in the evenings. 
          I suppose V.V. is still going to school you see I have had no mail from Canada for over a month so you can see I am entirely at a loss for any news of any kind.  Well mother this finishes the paper so will write again this week.  Remembrance to Dad and VV and say I am allright. My address will be as below.
CMAC Depot
St Martins Plain
Shorncliffe, England

Shorncliffe Military Hospital was where many wounded Canadian soldiers returned from battle to be patched up and convalesce. The hospital was located just outside Folkestone in Kent, in close proximity to both Dover and Folkestone ports, making it ideal to transport wounded troops from ships.  The photograph is postcard being sold on ebay titled "Royal Military Hospital, Shorncliffe Camp"

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