Remember Me

Remember Me

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

1915, Sept 30th, Charley's 30th letter home from France. WW1

Called the 'Big Push', the Battle of Loos was the largest British battle of 1915 on the Western Front. It was the first time the British used poison gas and the first mass engagement of New Army units who were not well enough trained. On September 24th the reserve divisions were warned to carry extra rations as it may be some time before their cookers caught up with them. By September 28th the British had lost over 20,000 men, including three major-generals.

Wearing their anti-gas masks and looking like hooded familiars of the inquisition, British troops attacking Germans with bomb and bayonet.  From

September 30th, 1915

Dear Mother
            The last few days we have been very busy as I suppose you have seen by the papers of the big advance the allies have made, and as a result the Hospitals are kept going day and night, wounded coming in very nearly every day and night.  If the Allies continue we all may be home for Xmas yet.
          Say I nearly fell over dead when you told me about Harry Richmond going to the Peace River Country, but as for Mable I think I told you one time that either that or something more serious would happen.  Of course don’t mention anything I say to Aunt Rachie or she would have a fit. 
          I have been on night duty and believe me I sure will be glad when I am back on days again. You are not allowed to sleep during the night and it is mighty hard to get much during the day when most of the fellows are around.
          There are another bunch leaving here for the front, to start a dressing station in a day or so. I sincerely hope they have no accidents but one never can tell what’s going to happen especially under these conditions. 
          Well how is the kid getting along at school it wont be so pleasant during the winter but tell her that she won't have to put up with it only this term as next fall I will be in a condition to help her at Brandon. 
          I guess Dad can grow potatoes alright but it must be awfully funny to see him doing any kind of farm work but he know as much about it as any of them.
          It has started in the rainy season here and believe me I feel this damp air.  Well  Mother you know how scarce news is around here.
          Remember me to VV, Pa, Albert and Lavinia and best of health to you all as I am the very best.


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