Remember Me

Remember Me

Thursday, September 10, 2015

1915, Sept 9th, Charley's 28th letter home from France. WW1

September 9th, 1915

France Com

Dear Mother

          I have not written lately as often as I should have on account of trying to get that put through for VV and was just informed today that it is impossible.  However one year won't make a great deal of difference.  I wrote a while ago saying that I would be able to do so and I am more sorry than any of you to find it an impossibility.

          You were saying that Dad and Albert don’t get along extra well.  If you remember in one of my letters before you left Holland I said that I did not think they would.

          Things here are very quiet just at present, there being practically no wounded at all coming but in this branch of the service a person never knows when the hospital may be filled in a moments notice.        

          A few of our boys from here have transferred into regiments in the trenches but as yet I am right here.  In the trench the lead is flying around to freely to suit me but  of course if I was ordered up there I go with a good heart to get as many possible before they got me.

          Say Mother you all seem to be down on Ina and think she is tough well don’t convict her till you get more than the Richmond family evidence.  Of course she may travel in society that I surely would not want VV to be in but never the less she is the best by far of that family and I have saw more of them the last few years than any of us.

          Apparently the kid don’t seem to be in love with her new school and companions Believe me it is the last year she will have to contend with it and that is the truth.

Well dear Mother I have nothing more to say but cheer up it a long road that has no turn.

Remember me to Dad and the Kid also to Lavinia and Albert and hope this finds you in good spirit. I come to a close

With love



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