Remember Me

Remember Me

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Letter #87, January 26th, 1919

It's Nicola here; Charley Bailey's biographer.  I have been dragging my heels on posting this letter as it is the last letter of Charley's that I have in my possession.  I do know more of his story but have none of it from here in his own words. 
There is one more letter written by his beloved Elizabeth dated 1942. She wrote it to his mother after Charley's death. 

Today I am mourning the last of Charley's letters.  
My first post on this blog was August 13, 2014.  Today is Feb 7th, 2019.  Prior to 2014, I had spent another full year organizing and transcribing his letters.  I have spent so much time with Charley.  I've cried and laughed with him, and I continue to be angered and saddened at the horrendous loss of lives that is the hallmark of the 'Great War'. 

My 'Charley Bailey' project took on a life of its own as his voice joined thousands of others these past five years.  So many of us from all over the world; descendants of those who served and lived through the First World War, joined forces again in 2014 on Twitter and Facebook, and with personal websites and blogs; sharing letters and diaries and stories of the Lost Generation. 

Do stay tuned for more news about Charley. Over the next few months, I'll post updates when he finally gets to go home, and who he's taking with him. 

Thank you So much for joining us (me and Charley) on this journey. So many of his letters sign off with "Remember me". It has been my honour and my privilege to have had this opportunity to Remember Charles Roy Bailey.  With Love. Nicola

January 26th, 1919 (posting February 7th, 2019)
Can Gen Base

Dear Mother
Well here I am at the Base Depot Mother but I find they are not sending any CAMC men back from here as there is a lot of clearing up to be done in Hospital etc.  I went down to the embarkation camp with the CFC expecting to get across to Blighty and to go from there to Canada but found I had to stay behind and report to my own Base. 
So here I am mother.  So far I don’t know where they are going to send me, so there is no use you’re writing here as I shall be away from here perhaps before you receive this, but just the minute I am able to send you a permanent address I will. 
          It is like being shut off from the entire world not having a letter from anyone for over three weeks.  There must be a lot of mail on the way here, but I have been moving around so much lately that it cant keep in touch. 
Well, Mother how has this winter been on the farm, better than last I hope.  It is snowing here so you can imagine how living in tents suits me in this weather.  How has Dad stood the cold weather this winter?  Gee, I often wonder how the cold is affecting him.  VV I suppose is still teaching I hardly think she will leave the school teaching and I think she is wise to stick to it.  I only wish she could get a school in town somewhere and then the poor kid would be able to get out among other young people.
          Well, Mother, there is nothing to tell you only that I am well and that I am on my way somewhere but don’t know where.
Remember me to Dad and VV and as soon as I get somewhere I shall send you the address.  I’ll close Mother with love to all
Love Chas


  1. I feel as though I have lost a friend, too. I have followed and reposted most of Charlie's letters, and have enjoyed eavesdropping into all of their lives. So, it is with deep regre that I say goodbye to him.