Remember Me

Remember Me

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Letter # 83, October 9th, 1918 "We are all in the highest of spirits."

37 Coy Can Forest
Can Exped Forces

Envelope postmarked
October 9th, 1918

Dear mother
          Just received your letter saying Annie was out there.  You are well fixed for visitors just lately.  Well, I am glad to hear it as it helps to make things much easier for you when you have company in the evenings.  I suppose you have seen in the papers our great victories well Mother believe me we are all in the highest of spirits.  If things continue we may be home before we anticipate.
           What had got into VV that she had taken such a dislike to teaching?  I am like you mother; I think that if she got into a town or city for awhile she would like it much better.  By the way, do you ever hear anything about the Richmond outfit joining up!  So Harry is a father, seems as if I am the only one left.  Yes, I guess my lot is a bachelor’s life.  “Eh What” Of course it is not much use trying to make you believe that.  But we shall see, No more word of my getting leave even to Blightly, never mind Canada.  Still, all the first contingent men that have kiddies and wives in Canada really should go before me, but after them, I come first.
          The weather has been rather wet here the last while, I hope it has been better at Holland, or poor Dad will surely feel it.  I should like awfully well to have you and Dad see this little dispensary of mine.  I have got it fixed up splendid it is by far the best around the locality.  In the back of it I have a little room for myself; the only thing that’s wrong about it is that the stove is so darn small it keeps me going all day chopping wood for it.  Oh yes, I am a regular lumber-jack now.
          Say Mother did you hear anything about returned soldiers getting any land, we hear all kinds of rumour, but of course, you can’t believe any of them.  Did you ever hear anything more about that rich uncle or aunt or whoever it was that was going to leave me millions, say how did that rumour ever get around?  Gee, you had me all upset.
          Well, Mother, there is nothing I can tell you from this side, as you know, so I really can’t make up a decent letter.  Tell the kid to drop me a line once in a while.  Tell Dad I am in the very best of health and I hope he is feeling well again.  With love to all, I’ll close for tonight Mother with


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