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Remember Me

Friday, February 10, 2017

February 10th, 1917 Letter #54 "Getting into air raids"

FEB 10th, 1917
Granville Can Host
Ramsgate Kent

Dear Mother
            Just a line to say that I received the parcel and about 20 letters this am and say that pipe is sure a dandy looks funny to see a 20 cent a day soldier sporting a regular pipe and the fellows all kid me about it they all say I must have some wealthy widow in this country.
          We all had a medical board not long ago and the majority of us are all marked fit for service again in France.  Personally I don’t care I have been around the country for over 16 months and other poor devils have had to back long ago so if the order comes for us to go back I guess I can go and not kick either.  Say Mother I an going to write to aunt Rachie today and find out what they are talking about I never heard a word about any money I think they are trying to fool the foolish.  However if by good fortune there is such a thing as any money coming to me I am the very gink that can do with it.  More than surprised to hear of you being in the hotel again but I think it is a great deal more suitable for yourself and Dad than trying to cure horses and cows of the mange by the way did you ever get those animals cured I think the best way to cure them would have been to fix the whole lot like I fixed the dog. 
          All England is just crazy over this new war loan and it sure has been one great success.  Just imagine 3500,000,000 dollars by the people alone without the aid of the banks or anything just simply new money and they think that this loan will be the cause of bringing the war to a successful end.
          This hospital is right on the sea front directly opposite to one of the closest points of France and we are continually getting into air raids, night before last the alarm came and everybody had to stand at his post from two o’clock in the morning till seven, the guns on the battleships in the harbour were blazing away to beat the dickens just reminded me of being back in France again.  It sure is funny to see some people when they really are in danger all excited and running around like fools.  I just sat down and say to myself, well if they hit me it will either be in heaven or the other place that I am transferred to and I am getting pretty used to changes of address.
          I see by your last letter that you still address them to a {...} well I am a full grown soldier again so please forget the {...}
Remember me to Dad and VV and write soon.
Love Chas

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  1. I love following this site. We are so lucky to have Charley's letters survive.