Remember Me

Remember Me

Friday, July 15, 2016

July 15, 1916 Letter #46

Can Red Cross Special Hospital
Derbyshire England

July 15th, 1916

Dear Mother

Just a line to say I am all OK etc. Was out to Chapel on the Frith the other day and enjoyed it fine. But to cycle 60 miles in one day is a little too much for a person who hasn’t done any for six or seven years and as a result I am stiff yet.

Chapel-en-le-Frith's Old Town

It is raining again as per usual, darn this country for wet weather it is by far worse than BC. We have to have fires on the wards to keep the patients from freezing to death. I think I told you about the young English kid that used to set up pins in Barclays Bowling Ally being in here and he is in pretty bad shape he is suffering from shell shock and a piece of his head has gone. As a result, he goes a little bit nutty at times but when he gets that way the boys just sit on him and its all over in a few minutes.

I won a watch in a raffle the other day. Its value was about 50 shillings. I went down town with it and when I looked to see what time it was it had gone “Lost” so that is losing time in quick time but being a minister’s son I did not swear but believe me I thought something.

What do you think of me working over here. Well the other night I was called up on the Phone and was asked if I would mind coming down to Young’s Chemist Store. So when I got down there he told me that he would like to take his family to the seaside and see that they got fixed up for a week or two and that he would be gone a couple of days and asked me if I would come down in the evening and do the Dispensing as it was more than the girl he had could handle. I did and believe me their methods of doing business are so far behind the times that they don’t know they are alive.

Is Dad and VV in good health, there is no use asking you about your own because you wouldn’t say anyway. Well dear Mother remember me to Dad and VV and write soon.

Love Chas.

A note on the reverse of page 1 from Mother to VV.  Charley's letters were forwarded from Jennie to Charley's sister who was away at college.
"Vevie I forgot to say I have finished two tight waists that we started for you will I send them or will it do when Pa comes.  I got the gr--p, why didn’t you send your dress.

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