Remember Me

Remember Me

Sunday, April 17, 2016

April 17th, 1916 Letter #38 Working at the Medical Stores Depot in London

April 17th, 1916
Room 1, 14 Great Smith St
Can Med Adv Depot
London S.W.

Dear Mother

I am ashamed of myself for not answering your letter before but I have been so unsettled that really I did not know what I was going to do or where I was going to be.
My old Colonel that I was with in France recommended me for this position in London and I think before long I will have my old rank back again. At least that is what the Commanding officer at Southampton told me.  He said Bailey you don’t have to go but it will mean a good thing for you and you will in short time have charge of the Stores in London which will mean two or three promotions for you.  And you can bet I am after all I can that trip to Winnipeg kind of made me sit up and take notice.
          Had a letter from Aunt Rach and she said she was sending me a parcel.  She also said that if she had of thought I was not coming up to see her Xmas time Uncle Jim would have come down to Winnipeg to see me.  Of course that kind of talk sounds good four thousand miles away.
Tell V-V I am getting to be quite a French scholar and to keep writing in French as it is good practice for both of us.  I will write when I get settled here, more often, in the meantime remembrance to Dad and V-V.
Love Chas


 War Diary of The Canadian Advance Depot of Medical Stores.
The War Diaries are invaluable in that they provide a first-hand account of what the various units of the Canadian Expeditionary Force experienced in the First World War. Military researchers, genealogists and teachers can access the War Diary database and study the authentic military records to gain an understanding of Canada's role and experience.

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