Remember Me

Remember Me

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Charley has a new posting. February 1916 Letter #35

From John Knifton's work
Feb 1st, 1916
C.A.M.C. Depot
Sandgate, Kent, England

Dear Mother
I have got some job now.  I am Sanitary Police, can you imagine me as a policeman.  You see all the men in houses through out the town and go around every morning to see if all these houses are in a Sanitary Condition and if they are not I am supposed to arrest them.  Gee I couldn’t arrest a man if he was a murderer.
Things are as usual.  Very nice weather etc. As I was telling you in my last letter that I expect to get a job as dispenser in one of these hospitals shortly.  I went to the Sgt Major and explained that I was an experienced man in that line and he told me that as soon as he heard of a vacancy in that capacity he would send me.
          I suppose V-V is still going to school in Holland.  I went to the paymaster here and told him that I wanted the allowance of 20 a month to go to my sister who was depending on me but when he looked up papers he told me he was afraid he could do nothing.  However I am going to try again just as soon as I get with another Paymaster.
Another of the old boys from No 2 arrived here this morning.  He is in pretty bad shape.  This morning when I was making my rounds, I met a battalion on a route march some of them yelled out “Hello Chuck” but I couldn’t get a look at them but it would likely be some of the Dauphin boys who would call me Chuck, because over here all I get is C.R.
          Well Mother, I have to go to work as it is just about two.  Remember me to Dad and V-V and tell Dad I will write him a letter in a day or so.

The Sanitary Police are responsible for--
1. The preparation and care of latrines and urinals, including the filling in of the same and marking of old sites.
2. The systematic collection, removal, and disposal of refuse by burning or other method.
3. The construction of ablution places and the disposal of waste water.
4. The sanitation of cooking places, horse and mule lines and slaughtering places, in the area occupied by the unit.
The Regimental Sanitary Police are detailed from the strength of the unit, and are vested with the authority of military police for the better performance of their duties. They are under the Regimental Quartermaster for their employment, but the Medical Officer will direct their efforts from the sanitary point of view.

Medical Services in the field - Sanitation and Hygiene)
Sandgate postcard

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