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Remember Me

Saturday, February 14, 2015

February 14th, 1915. Charley's 18th letter home from France. WW1

'The Crimson Field'
Set design for BBC production of Crimson Field, WW1 Pharmacy
February 14, 1915

Dear Mother
Just a few lines as I am pretty busy these days. We got our first Canadian patient today he had pneumonia “Poor Fellow”. 

I received Dad’s letter yesterday and was very glad to hear from him. He was saying business had fallen away considerable lately. Well Mother if you were to see some of the people of this country you would be glad you were in Canada let alone have a business. Mother it is funny how some of these people exist. Still they seem to be just as content as if they were millionaires.

At present there is but very little fighting going on but by the time things open up and the fine weather sets in there will sure be some big battles take place. Let us hope that they are in our favour when they do happen.

We have had three new officers attached to us just lately and seem to be very nice men. There was two Aeroplanes went over us yesterday but we could not distinguish of what nationality they were but I think they were French.

I was down to one of the neighbouring villages the other day and saw some very nice souvenirs if they would only get across the water safe I would like to send you some but I am afraid they would never reach you safe.

Dad was saying in his letter about Ina staying home etc. well if she does it will sure be against her grain but if she does not it will make it awfully lonesome for Aunt Rachie as there is nobody with her now at all.

Have not had a letter from V-V since she returned to College. I guess the kid is too much taken up with her studies. However I won’t kick as long as she makes as good marks on her finals as she did in the Xmas exams. 

It is raining like anything now. Gee I pity the poor fellows in the trenches today it must be awful. Well Mother I have got to get to work it is just gone one o’clock. So remember me to Dad and V-V when you write.

With lo


Feb 14th 1915 pg 1  Letter # 17

There is a handwritten note from Charley's Mother to his 16 year old sister VV at the top of Charley's letter ~ Jennie; Charley's mom, would have sent Charley’s letters on to VV at Brandon College. She writes:

"Vevie, try mercolized wax I think that will fix your face, and Vevie never mind sending the combinations they will do in June when you come.  I will use these old ones.  Mother"

In 1915, the manufacturers of "Mercolized Wax” claimed it would make "all defects such as blackheads, tan, freckles, and large pores disappear. Skin is then beautifully clear, velvety and so soft - face looks years younger. Mercolized Wax brings out your hidden beauty."     Mercolized Wax was composed of zinc oxide (10%), ammoniated mercury (10%), and vaseline (80%). They noted that the mercury compound was a "dangerous poison".
'The combinations' Mother mentions may well have been measurements for garments.
And, in my Grandma (V.V.'s) defense; she was always very beautiful. Her face in no way needed 'fixing'. :) Teenage acne most likely.
Feb 14th 1915 pg 2  Letter # 17

Feb 15th 1915 Pg 3, Letter #17

Feb 14th, 1915 pg 4 letter #17 from France

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